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Monday, February 04, 2008

California's Super Tuesday is Tomorrow. Who is Best for America?

  • Hilary Clinton
  • Barack Obama


  • John McCain
  • Mitt Romney
  • Mike Huckabee

or Libertarian turned GOP

  • Ron Paul
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former NY mayor and presidential hopeful, Rudy Giuliani, endorsed 71 year old GOP nominee John McCain.

His wife and niece of the late president John F. Kennedy, Maria Shriver, endorsed Barack Obama along with her uncle Teddy (Senator Edward Kennedy) and cousin, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, endorsed Senator Obama a week earlier. Oprah is another big name behind Obama.

Hilary has her popular husband, Bill Clinton, leading the charge for her campaign.

While Mitt Romney

and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee slug it out for the conservative votes

with Ron Paul the long shot hope for Libertarians

Whomever you like, make sure you vote!

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