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Friday, June 13, 2008

Best CD Rates at Wachovia Bank

These are the Best Unpublished CD Rates and terms at Wachovia Bank that they offer as a "last resort" to keep or get your business. Wachovia spends money to get new customers. Wachovia will also spend money to keep the smart ones too by giving us their best, unpublished rates.

The day your CD matures, call the number they give on the "Automatic Renewal Notice" and say you want to take your money to a better paying bank we list on our Highest CD Rates page. This should get you their best rates to keep your money.

Steps to get the best rates when you renew a CD at Wachovia Bank:
  1. Print out the CD rates shown on our Highest CD Rates page before you call so you can quote specifics.
  2. Call and them you want to close your CD that just rolled over into a low rate.
These are the rates we were quoted:

==> " Best Unpublished CD Rates at Wachovia Bank " as of 6/3/08 <==
  • 13 months - 3.30% APY
  • 2 - Years - 3.50% APY
  • 3 - Years - 4.00% APY
  • 4 - Years - 4.75% APY
For the latest update, see Wachovia Bank Unpublished CD Rates

Wachovia usually gets new customers with great CD "teaser rates" that they automatically roll over into a CD that pays a much lower rate at the end of the teaser term.

You don't have to take what they give you! You CAN get a much better rate.

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