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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Video of KG-22 Natural Gas Flare in Krishna Godavari Basin

KG-22: GSPC Gas Discovery at Krishna Godavari Basin Block - 22

Video of KG-22 Natural Gas flare

Gujarat government-owned Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) is the operator and holds an 80% stake in the block, awarded for exploration to GSPC along with its partners Jubilant Enpro and Canada's GeoGlobal Resourcea (GGR) in 2003. GGR has a 5% carried interest in the discovery.

Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister, on Thursday July 17 said the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation discovered approximately three trillion cubic feet (tcf) gas from the KG-22 well in the Deendayal Upadhyay block off the coast of Andhra Pradesh. Modi addressed the media through video conferencing to say:
  • This discovery substantiates the huge reserve potential of the Deendayal block. Based on the drilling reports test results analysed by GSPC and feedback received from various independent consultants abroad, we are confident that reserves in the Krishna Godavari basin will be more than 20 Tcf."
  • "The discovery of KG-22 will make it one of the highest gas generating well in the country."
  • "It was a challenge for the state-run GSPC, since the gas was discovered at high pressure."
  • "Earlier find of the KG-8 well, Deendayal west, was a success with a gas flow of 10 MMCF per day. Last month we have submitted the declaraton of commerciality report to the Director General of Hydro Carbon for Deendayal west."
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