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Friday, August 01, 2008

CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge Final Results

How did you do in CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge? The contest ran for 10 weeks from May 12, 2008 to July 18, 2008. Contestants started with a million dollars in play money and they could earn "bonus bucks" by answering trivia questions which could be found at CNBC Bonus Bucks Trivia Answers.

My best performing portfolio, Core Conservative 1, was in the top 0.4%

My worst performing portfolio, Newsletter Explore 1, was in the top 0.8%

This chart shows the overall market did not do so well:

Click chart courtesy of for full size image

Here is the total list of all five of my portfolios:

NameTotal Value*Gain/Loss
6274Explore 1$1,505,106.14505,106 (+50.5%)
4525Explore 2$1,541,633.08541,633 (+54.2%)
3230Explore 3$1,581,312.32581,312 (+58.1%)
3147Conservative$1,584,879.41584,879 (+58.5%)
3470Momentum $1,572,000.00572,000 (+57.2%)

* Value as of 7/18/08 at 4pm EST.

My successful strategy was to remain conservative in the bear market (200 day moving average is resistance rather than support in bear markets) by keeping a large cash position then buying the big dips and answer the daily trivia (answers here) questions. I was too busy to actively trade it so I did not "sell the pops." In my newsletter, I "buy the dips" then "sell the pops" to lock in quick profits on shares I trade around core positions. This strategy has worked out well for me this year as I am ahead of the market by about 8% YTD.

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