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Monday, November 30, 2009

Chase Bank Mortgage Rates

Chase Bank: Home Mortgage Lending Rates at Chase

Interest rates are very low. If you have good credit, then now is an excellent time to lock in a long-term loan at favorable rates. If interest rates soar, then you are hedged for inflation since you can replay the loan with depreciated dollars.

Conforming Loans
(For Loans under $417,000)
- Loan Type -  Points  APR%
30 Year Fixed 1.50 5.172
30 Year Fixed 2.125 4.591
15 Year Fixed 1.00 4.457
15 Year Fixed 2.375 4.414
5/1 ARM 1.000 3.450
Jumbo Loans
(For Loans over $417,000)
- Loan Type -  Points  APR%
30 Year Fixed 1.125 6.009
30 Year Fixed 2.250 5.736
15 Year Fixed 1.375 6.013
15 Year Fixed 2.125 6.006
5/1 ARM 1.000 3.901
For current rates and to view in table form, see

Mortgage Rates - National Average - 11/30/09

30-Year Fixed4.975.085.76
15-Year Fixed4.484.785.5
5/1-Year ARM4.244.65.95
1-Year ARM3.924.285.99
30-Year Fixed Jumbo5.896.597.26
15-Year Fixed Jumbo5.445.956.45
5/1-Year ARM Jumbo4.815.166.18
Data from Best Mortgage Rate Survey

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