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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best CD Rates With FDIC Insurance - Survey of Highest APY rates

The best CD rate 1 year or less is 1.55% at Aurora Bank.

You can often get higher than advertised rates at your local branch if you do your homework. Print out the "Highest CD Rate Survey" and bring it in with you. Also print out some of the advertisements showing rates advertised on your bank's competing web sites so you have proof. (Make sure the date shows on your printout so they know it is current.) Bring in the survey and ask them to beat or at least meet the best advertised rate. They often will do this to keep your business or to keep you walking out the door.

The highest CD rate of any term is 3.60% at Discover Bank for a term of 10 years.

Here is the table with more rates and terms:

Highest CD Rates Survey
UST = US Treasury Bond
Rate (APY)
(Click link for Full Rate Sheets)
6 Month CD
Aurora Bank
1 Year CD
Nova Bank & Aurora Bank
1 Yr UST
US Treasury Rate Quote
18-Mo CD
Aurora Bank
2 Year CD
TriState Capital Direct
3 Year CD
PenFed CU & TriState Capital Direct
4 Year CD
Bank of Internet USA
5 Year CD
5 Yr UST
US Treasury Rate Quote
7 Year CD
Pentagon Federal CU
10 Yr CD
Discover Bank
10 Yr UST
US Treasury Rate Quote

If the above text is too small to read, then read it "HERE in a larger font."

Be careful when you go to your bank and ask for their best rate. They will often use that as an excuse to sell you an annuity that sounds good on the surface, but is far more profitable for them due to the higher fees.

Make sure you read the Article: Beware of Annuities

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