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Monday, March 25, 2013

Maui Vacation Photos - 2013

Aloha!  Last week I returned from a "working vacation" in Maui.  I went to look at some real estate for a potential investment and to windsurf.  There was no wind but good waves so I used the time to improve my regular surfing skills beyond the single lesson on a big, slow board in tiny waves I took in 2006.  The waves were big so I used a regular 8' surf board made of foam so I'd be safer tumbling in the waves with this softer board.  It was great fun and I learned to paddle and catch waves for many, many good rides.  I wore a GPS device on my wrist to show where I went and measure my speed.  

 I also used "rest time" to take some pictures of whales, surfers and people enjoying the beaches.

Better photos at 

I also worked on my investment letter in the mornings while relaxing in my beautiful garden apartment in shorts and a tank top with CNBC on the TV. 

Come back as I add links to photos and GPS results for this article, I am now in the process of writing.

This is the camera I recommend: Nikon D5100  plus a lens for long shots:

and or

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