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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Timer Digest Top 10 Timers Update

The most recent (May 13, 2013) issue of Timer Digest lists "Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter" as:
  • Tied for 1st in the "Top Ten Timers" - 6 Months
  • Tied for 6th in the "Top Ten Timers" - 1 YR
  • Tied for 2nd in the "Top Ten Long Term Timers" - (2 Yrs)
The "Featured Advisor" in this issue is James O. Rohrbach who writes "Investment Models, Inc." Timer Digest has been following "Investment Models, Inc." newsletter since August 2001.

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Since December 2010, I have posted my Timing Signals on my web site for free and Timer Digest (TD) has tracked my signals.  I also send TD my monthly newsletter so they can see how I use a mixture of stock selection, asset allocation, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and market timing to manage "Kirk Lindstrom's Explore Portfolio."

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