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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Apple Haircut - Finisar Success

This morning I had a nice chat with the gals who cut my hair. The older one was in disbelief that I'd own stocks at "such high prices." I reminded her that two years ago they all loved Apple and I warned them I liked other stocks like Finisar... that is now up a decent amount.

I came home, ate lunch and looked up when I wrote those Apple articles:
That was over two years ago!!! Time sure flies!!!!

So, I guess the good news for us longs is so many in the public get sucked into the hot stocks at the top just before they crash and it keeps them timid....

Right now we have the latest "hot stocks" that replaced Apple in the public's list of "must own stocks": FB, TWTR, Tesla, etc..... all having issues while the smart money owns the good stocks and collect dividends to spend and/or reinvest.

BTW, since I wrote the last article recommending Finisar at $17.50 over Apple at $633
  • Finisar is up 49% to $26.10
  • Apple is down 6% to $592
For more information, see:
Apple vs Finisar April 12, 2012 through today

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