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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Stock Market is like The World Series of Poker

This comment was posted on one of many trading boards I follow.  I think it says well, in terms everyone can understand, something about who is in the stock market now and why I believe we have plenty of upside ahead of us.

This are the KEY comments:
  • When the secular bull really kicks in you'll see more and more old faces... then you'll see new ones, then more new ones... then you'll know its GAME ON!
  • Right now its pretty much pros against pros, & pros against algos. But it's heating up
I think it explains why the weekly sentiment survey of newsletter writers is so bullish while the survey of amateur investors is quite often and currently bearish.

Today's San Jose Mercury news, the paper for the Silicon Valley, has the business section buried inside Local News.  It starts on page B7.  You would think with all the IPOs of local companies like Tesla, Twitter and Facebook (FB) plus the huge success of "older" local companies like Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) that business news would be its own section like it was in 2000, but it was moved inside the paper some time back as people lost interest in the stock market in general.

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