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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Ebola Drugs: Companies Working on a Cure for Ebola

List of companies working on a cure or other drugs to fight Ebola.

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  • NanoViricides Inc. NNVC
    NanoViricides "has now developed novel nanoviricide drug candidates against Ebola that it believes could lead to a successful therapeutic. These drug candidates are designed to mimic the host cell receptor onto which the Ebola virus binds to cause an infection. The site at which the virus binds does not change, in spite of all the mutations a virus undergoes. Thus the Company believes that its drug candidates would continue to work in spite of field mutations in the virus. This is unlike vaccines, antibodies, siRNA, antisense, and several other therapeutic modes which a virus can readily overcome due to mutations it acquires in the field."

  • BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. BCRX
    ==>"BioCryst last month received a $4 million pact to develop its BCX4430, which it hopes can be used for a wide spectrum of viruses like Ebola. The drug proved helpful in tests on yellow fever patients."
  • Chimerix Inc. CMRX
    Thomas Duncan, the man who lied about his exposure to Ebola in Liberia on his return to the US, was treated with a drug developed by Chimerix Inc.
  • Crucell, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. JNJ
    ==>"developing a vaccine that would be injected into healthy individuals to prevent the disease from attacking"
  • Fujifilm Holdings Corp. FUJIF
    ==>"Fujifilm has diversified into chemicals, medical products and pharmaceuticals. Its Toyama Chemical Co. has been contracted out to test an anti-influenza drug on an Ebola patient."
  • Tekmira Pharmaceuticals TKMR
    ==>"Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Tekmira’s drug has been used on a number of infected patients, including Richard Sacra, the American missionary who contracted the deadly virus in Liberia." 
  • GlaxoSmithKline GSK
  • NewLink Genetics Corp. NLNK
  • Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. SRPT
    ==>"Garabedian says that its Ebola test program, which he said could be resumed quickly, resulted in a 60% to 80% survival rate when used on test monkeys infected with Ebola. Its Marburg drug has proved 80% to 100% effective. Sarepta used a gene-sequencing technique to come up with its treatment, and Garabedian says it can be easily adapted to treat other diseases. A new gene sequencing matrix to treat Dengue fever using the same technique was developed in 11 days, he said."
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