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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Article List

Articles in Red are KEY

Feb 28 Fed Funds Interest Rates vs. S&P500 Index 
Feb 26 SPY Continues Rally After Sentiment Charts Suggested Tradable Low 
Feb 23 2CS Indicator Back Above 20 After Market Rallies 7.5%
Feb 18 SPY Up Sharply Since Sentiment Charts Suggested Tradable Low 
Feb 11 With SPY Down 14% Again, Sentiment Charts Suggest Tradable Low 
Feb 04 With SPY Still Down 10%, Sentiment Charts Suggest A Tradable Bottom 
Jan 31 Los Altos Real Estate - Home prices gain another 15.7% in 2015
Jan 26 Tom Drake's 2CS Sentiment Indicator - Buy Signal
Jan 14 Sentiment Charts Reaching Blood In The Street Levels - SPY Down 11%
Jan 14 Timer Digest Market Timer of the Year Awards - 3rd Place long & short term
Jan 08 New Issue CD Rates At Fidelity 
Jan 07 Star One Credit Union Savings Account and CD Rates
Jan 07 Weekly Sentiment Charts Falling With SPY Down 8%

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