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Monday, August 06, 2018

Bitcoin Scam - First and Final Notice Scam & Extortion Letter

A neighbor (Marius Milner, Barron Park) posted this in our local "" social media group.
Bitcoin extortion scam doing the rounds 
I got a letter in the mail, in a plain white window envelope with no return address and no legible postmark. I've attached photos with my address and most of the scammer's Bitcoin address edited out.
A quick search for the contents suggest that this has been going on for a few months. The letter is sufficiently well worded that I think some people might be easily taken in by it. Don't be fooled, and stay safe!
If you get one of these letters, report it to the police department and the US Postal Service.

Marius Milner - Barron Park·23m ago
I've reported this letter to the US Postal Inspection Service, since it's mail fraud. I looked up the Bitcoin address they told me to send money to, and unsurprisingly it has zero balance and no transaction history, making it effectively untraceable.

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