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Thursday, September 13, 2007

AAII Bull-Bear Data Charted for September 13, 2007

As of 9/12/2007, the AAII members are:

  • Bullish: 40.00%
  • Neutral: 24.71%
  • Bearish: 35.29%

This chart shows the 52-week moving average of the AAII bull/bear index (American Association of Individual Investors). 52 weeks removes seasonality from the number and gives startling results.

Click chart to see it full sized.

I explain what these indicators mean to me in my newsletter. I post them here to share for all to read and make comments. Request Invitation to facebook discussion group where we have a "Sentiment" topic to discuss the weekly data.

1 comment:

  1. The AAII sentiment survey appears quite bullish--from a contrarian standpoint. The WLI seems to be falling rather precipitously in recent weeks. The Fed will likely cut rates 25bps next week and perhaps 50bps. The market has fallen from its highs and large caps are smoking small caps. Another contrarian signal? Only time will tell.


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