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Friday, October 08, 2021

Market Update and Sentiment Charts for 10/08/2021

Despite the recent market volatility, this has been a great year to be invested in the US Stock market.  This table shows that despite last month's market decline, the four major US indexes I track are up double digits: 

Sentiment Charts
CPC is at a 1-year high
(Recent CPC buy/sell signals are hidden)

See page 6 of my October 2021 investment letter for more information about the  $CPC chart. Feel free to ask questions about the other charts or request updates on other charts I've posted in the comments. 

Aided by rising interest rates, the banking sector is on a tear.  I added to XLF, the banking sector index fund in my Newsletter Explore Portfolio during the COVID-19 pandemic sell-off on 3/6/2020 at $25.55.  Then it recovered and took profits recently at $37.00 but I still hold a nice position.  

II Sentiment: Investors Intelligence Bulls / (Bulls+Bears) & S&P 500 

Treasury Bonds (Added 10/9/21)

As of 10/8/21, I hold 1,450 shares on "house money"
("break-even" includes dividends & XLRE spin-off which lowers the break-even point)
More charts for  XLF

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A major purpose of the Explore Portfolio is to help prevent you from getting too greedy at market tops by taking profits or get scared out near market bottoms by buying.  For the last 20 years, my Explore Stocks have also beaten the markets with far less risk since the portfolio is far less than 100% in stocks.  Like Warren Buffett, I don't see loads of value near market tops and I like to have a lot of cash for when the market presents great buying opportunities.  Great individual stock selection has greatly enhanced the overall returns too.

I believe my investment letter is unlike any you have read before.  It is very long and detailed because I write it as a way to review what I hold in my own portfolio each month.   The things I discuss in the newsletter are what I consider important to review monthly if you own stocks. 

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