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Thursday, March 17, 2022

II Investors Intelligence & AAII Sentiment Update

 II, Investors Intelligence, Bulls and Bears Survey vs Log Dow Graphs  

II Bulls Over Bulls Plus Bears 1998 to Now

II Bulls & Bears vs Log DJIA

#IIBullsBears #Sentiment #StockMarket #SPY $SPX $SPY $INDU $DIA #Stocks 

Investors Intelligence Survey Bulls-Bears vs Weekly DJIA 

II Bulls & Bears vs Log DJIA => 03/17/22 

Graph of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Bulls Minus Bears Sentiment Indicator vs the Dow. 

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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Expected Inflation and Bond Interest Rates

Expected inflation defined as the difference between the 10-year T-bill and 10 year TIPS rates is the highest since I've keep this data.  

CPI vs Expected Inflation Rate
This is bad news as it mean bond investors are starting to believe inflation will get out of hand or at least average 2.94% over the next decade rather than the Fed's target of 2.0%

TIPS Core Yield and I-Bond Base Rates 

Joe Biden (image) visiting the Chevron station on First and Main in Los Altos yesterday

Los Altos Chevron 3/111/22 prices:
Regular $5.899 per gallon
Super 91 $6.399 per gallon

I Did That Stickers

Sunday, March 06, 2022

Market Update, Sentiment Charts & Interest Rates

 Market Update for the week ending 3/4/2022:

Kirk's Dow vs Oscillators Graphs

There is still a Head & Shoulder Top formation in this next DOW chart but the good news is the Dow is about halfway between the target price and the neckline.  If it rallies above the neckline, then the target price and the pattern are no longer in play.  Until this is taken out, caution is advised.

 $SPX $COMPQ $RUT $INDU $SPY $DIA #StockMarket  #Stocks #Investing #Sentiment (Note recent signals hidden)  #DowVsOscillatorsChart

The good news is the more important S&P 500 SPX chart has ALREADY reached its two bearish Head and Shoulder top targets and it could be forming a shoulder for a bullish inverted head and shoulder bottom pattern which would commence with a rally above the dashed green line on this chart.  Lets call it $4395 and falling.


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