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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why is Dylan Ratigan Gone from CNBC's Fast Money?

Dylan Ratigan is no longer listed at host of CNBC's "Fast Money" nor is his picture on the Fast Money web page.

Dylan hosted the show Thursday March 26th and was gone on Friday March 27th with Melissa Lee as the fill-in host.

From TVNewser:
"More details are emerging about the abrupt departure of Dylan Ratigan from CNBC. We just got off the phone with CNBC spokesperson Brian Steel who says, "Dylan has told us he is leaving effective today."

In what was a mutual decision, Steel tells TVNewser, "Due to the serious economic times in which we live, we made a decision that it would be a distraction for Dylan to host 'Fast Money' today."
My Theory why Dylan left without a goodbye to his audience

Dylan Ratigan may have gotten too close to the truth with
this radio interview
where he compared the people making money at the major investment banks to the crooks at Enron. He gives very clear details how "people" sold insurance for faulty investment products, kept the fees for the policies but had insufficient reserves to pay the claims most anyone with a brain should have expected given they were making loans to people who we knew could not pay them back once rates adjusted up or housing prices fell.

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What do you think? Why would he vanish without a word or a farewell party?

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  1. Dylan Ratigan will host a morning show on MSNBC.
    NY Times Article.
    Dylan Ratigan, the former host of CNBC’s “Fast Money,” will move to a different neighborhood within NBC’s cable properties, with a new assignment as the anchor of a two-hour discussion program on MSNBC.
    The news channel announced Wednesday that Mr. Ratigan will initiate a program scheduled from 9 to 11 a.m. Eastern time on the channel. The program is scheduled to start on June 29..
    Though it does not yet have a name, Mr. Ratigan said he was calling it “Morning Meeting” in his informal descriptions of what the show will be. “It’s a very clear concept,” he said. “We’re going to bring people in to talk about the problems the country faces. Anybody who can offer solutions can come to the meeting.”

  2. I am a regular follower of CNBC and stopped watching it and fastmoney after Dylan left. He I think is the most important person for CNBC. And Jeff Mackie for fast money.

  3. Fast Money is not worth watching without Rattigan and Mackie. Good bye Mellisa Lee and Gee Adami, you light weights.

  4. Every talk show I have ever watched informed its viewers when a "regular" was exiting, even when the circumstances were negative. They never discuss the reasons, just the departure. Apparantly CNBC doesn't think it viewers deserve this courtesy. Melissa "No Nuts" Lee has about as much personality and trade knowledge as a tomato and Guy "Intel" Adami should go to work for his favorite company. Even I could go on TV and recommend the same stock everyday, whether it goes up or down. Farewell CNBC, let me know if/when you're ready to clean house and start over!

  5. I believe these guys (Ratigan & Mackie) were so fed up with the lies being forced upon the American people about this market, they simply quit or were forced out for raising questions most are afraid to answer. they were the only 2 on that show who expressed the same disgust you and i feel when every major news outlet is telling us that the banks are stable and the economy is rebounding while knowing these are complete lies. And we are rewarding the same corporations who put us in this mess with billions in bailouts and no indictments. I wish i could run a company into the ground while receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation and not be prosecuted for fraud. well, why weren't they prosecuted? Because Goldman Sachs controls the Fed and the SEC. Do some homework and you'll be amazed at how many former GS employees, directors, & CEOs are now in charge of these organizations. We have the Wolfs guarding the henhouse. Don't believe anything you hear in the mainstream media regarding the recovery of our economy and the banks having their toxic assets under control. The fact is, they are only hiding them due to the NEW accounting rules. I predict the S&P will near the 600 range by Dec. 2009, which is the exact reason Dylan & Jeff were silenced, your government is doing everything in their power to prevent what is so obviously evident once you do some digging...we are still in serious economic trouble.


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