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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Facebook Lock-up Expiration Schedule

A timetable for the end of the lock-up period for Facebook shares

I am working on an article for Seeking Alpha that explains this table in detail but I wanted to post the table for an article I wrote called " Facebook: Dan Niles Now Long After Covering His Short Position."

See  FB Facebook Stock Share Lock-up Expiration Timetable

My guess is Dan Niles is playing a bounce in stock price and will be out before the date showing 53.6% of the shares hit the market next month.

If he wanted to buy more shares for his hedge fund right after it jumped 20%, then why would he tell a large audience it was a good value?

Personally, I would not touch the stock with Dan's ten foot pole until after 95% of the shares are released for sale.

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