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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Good News for Intel Stock - End of Inventory Correction

End of Inventory Correction is Good News for Intel Stock 

Intel (INTC Charts & Quotehas been in a bear market since the start of the year as it fell by 33% from $37.05 to the recent "Flash Crash Low" of $24.87.  Even though I own some shares dating back to my first purchase in 1993 when Intel was under $3, I feel very "Lucky" to have purchased more shares at $25 using money from taking profits when Intel was in the $30s. 

During the mini "Flash Crash" on August 24, 2015 I got some shares of Intel for $25.00 using a "Buy Limit Order" I had placed some time ago just for for this sort of event.  At $28.41 today, Intel is up 14% already.

Today we learned the good news that has helped Intel do much better than the market recently.

Inventory adjustments in semi industry coming to an end, says TSMC executive
Josephine Lien, Taipei; Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 2 September 2015]

  • The recent inventory adjustments in the semiconductor industry have nearly come to an end, and the possibility is high for the industry to swing back to a seasonal growth cycle shortly, according to George Liu, director of sensor and driver business development at TSMC.
  • Companies and market analysts have been revising their outlook for the 2015 semiconductor market growth, due to weak market demand resulting in higher-than-expected inventory levels in the industry. Nevertheless, chipmakers are about to finish clearing out their excess inventory, said Liu.
  • From a long-term perspective, the semiconductor market will continue to expand along with the global economy and the ever-evolving consumer electronics market, Liu noted.
  • In addition, Liu suggested that it is premature to conclude that the global smartphone market growth has begun to slow

My guess is Intel was down with all US stocks as people were selling everything on August 24th and August 25th.  Some speculation was people had to sell good stocks like Intel to meet margin calls due to share prices tumbling in Asia, particularly Chinese stocks.

Using Auto Buy Limit Orders listed on the "Auto Buy/Sell List" on page five of my newsletter, we actually got one stock, FNSR (FNSR Charts & Quote), below the limit order buy price because the market gapped down on the open to fill our orders!  Below is an excerpt from what I sent my subscribers shortly after adding more Finisar shares to our portfolio. (Note, we also added Intel)

You hate to see people lose money, but I sure like the opportunity to buy their stocks at great prices when they are too scared to hold them.  Of course, I'll be happy to sell these shares to them when they are more excited about the future and the stock prices are much, much higher.

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