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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Record Highs All Around

Market Update - US Stock Markets All Made New Record Highs!!! 
On Friday February 10, 2017, all major U.S. stock market indexes closed at new record highs.
Click images to see full size
This graph shows the market data graphically for 2016 YTD.
Irrational Exuberance and Irrational Pessimism Charts:  This two graphs puts the Dow Jones Industrial Average into perspective using a log scale.  
Many pundits on TV say lowering the corporate tax rate will allow hundreds of billions of dollars to return to the US where some will be used for share buybacks.  This buying by companies plus scared bond investors looking for return (as interest rates rise and bond returns crash) could easily drive the Dow back to the center blue line... 
Of course a bear market could also drive it to the lower blue line first so I take profits at new highs to have funds to buy the declines and thus beat the market over time like very few others have.
This graph show new record highs for my newsletter Explore Portfolio also. 
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