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Monday, September 10, 2007

Allan Coleman on Vanguard High Yield Fund

Allan Coleman likes Vanguard's High Yield Fund ( a "junk bond" fund with ticker symbol VWEAX ) at $6.00.

Posted on our Facebook Forum by Allan Coleman:

September 10, 2007: As expected , the navs of our favorite Vanguard GNMA funds ( VFIIX & VFIJX ) went UP to $10.26 today .


  • VFIJX = 4.28% ytd with a 5.24% yield
  • $404k of GNMAs purchased at an average price of $9.95 since June 22nd of 2006 is now worth $426,710.36
  • VMMXX = 3.60% ytd with a 5.09% yield
    On my radar screen is the Vanguard High - Yield ( junk ) bond fund ( VWEAX ) that closed UNCHANGED today at $5.96 a share that I'm waiting to either break through the 50 day moving average and show a turn to the upside or to decline to a lower price .
    Either way , I feel a purchase price below $6.00 a share is a good value .
    Especially IF the Fed cuts rates next week .
VWEAX Prices


Chart of Vanguard's High Yield (Junk bond) Fund
more VWEAX charts

(Unlike Allan Coleman, I, Kirk, never liked or recommended this fund. I prefer "explore portfolio" stocks for this sort of risk where your upside is unlimited with the same downside risk of the company going out of business.)

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