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Friday, October 05, 2007

US Economy Gains 110,000 Jobs in September 2007

U.S. job growth rebounds. 110,000 new jobs were created by the US economy in September

(5:30AM PST) August was revised from a loss of 4,000 jobs a gain of 89,000 new jobs, mostly in government.

This better than expected jobs report could tip the scales away from "recession fears" back to "fear of inflation" as the markets obsess over needing something to worry about

U.S. Sept. job growth seen in health care, food services
U.S. Sept. household employment rises 463,000, most in 2 yrs
U.S. payrolls annual benchmark revision down 297,000
U.S. Sept. public teacher hiring rises 46,000
U.S. Sept. average hourly earnings up 0.4%
U.S. Sept. private-sector payrolls rise 73,000
U.S. Sept. unemployment rate 4.7% as expected
=> 4.7% Unemployment rate was the highest in a year.
U.S. July, Aug. payrolls revised up 118,000
U.S. Sept. nonfarm payrolls up 110,000 vs. 113,000 expected


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Treasuries plunged after jobs report; 10-yr yield up to 4.597%
S&P 500 futures rise 10.40 points to 1,563.00
Dow industrial futures up 69 points at 14,110
Dollar rallies after jobs report; euro down 0.5% at $1.4061
Crude futures drop 39 cents at $81.05

Unemployment Rate Chart from BLS

(Series Id: LNS14000000 Seasonal Adjusted)

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  1. The fundamentals are interesting, but as a techie, I jumped to the Dow chart.

    From this chart one can see that it is usually a good time to add money to equities when the Dow touches an upward trending 50 day moving average, and to PLOW money into them when the uptrending 200 day moving average is touched.

    - Dan

  2. Hi Dan
    I agree. I've been fortunate to have been ADDING to my positions on every major decline on that chart AND I've taken profits when it has recovered.

    I use about half a dozen sentiment charts and when they all say BUY, it has produced good results.

    Here is one LT sentiment chart AAII Survey Bulls-Bears vs. DJIA Graph for 09/27/07 and here is another Chart of AAII bull - bear index for 09/06/07 Scroll down and click the pdf to view that chart.


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