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Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Dogs of the DOW

The "Dogs of the DOW" are the ten highest yielding stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the end of the year.

The Dogs of the DOW for 2009 are
Symbol Company Price Yield

BAC Bank of America 14.08 9.09%
GE General Electric 16.20 7.65%
PFE Pfizer 17.71 7.23%
DD DuPont 25.30 6.48%
AA Alcoa 11.26 6.04%
T AT&T 28.50 5.75%
VZ Verizon 33.90 5.43%
MRK Merck 30.40 5.00%
JPM JP Morgan Chase 31.53 4.82%
KFT Kraft 26.85 4.32%
Prices and yields shown are the 12/31/08 close.

2008 Dogs of the DOW

The 10-year US Treasury ended 2008 with a 2.24% yield and the 30-year was at 2.691%.

3-Month0.00004/02/2009 0.08
6-Month0.00007/02/20090 .27
12-Month0.00012/17/20090 .37
2-Year0.87512/31/20100 .87
30-Year4.50005/15/2038 2.81

Beware! Sometimes stocks are in the "Dogs of the Dow" list in anticipation of dividend cuts and/or poor stock performance in the year ahead. The 2008 Dogs of the DOW were real dogs. They under performed the market as two of the top three high yield stocks, Citigroup and GM, were crushed by poor business execution.

In 2008, the DOG of the Dow were down 41.6% versus the Dow Jones Index performance of -36.9%.

See U.S. Treasuries Rates at a Glance for more rates and yields vs. time.

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