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Monday, May 25, 2009

Jeff Macke Meltdown with CNBC's Dennis Kneale

CNBC'sDennis Kneale asked Jeff Macke a softball question and Jeff replied as if he were off his meds or on his second bottle of scotch.

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Does anyone have an idea what Jeff is talking about and why he was so rude?

Jeff Macke is still listed as a regular on "Fast Money" and they give this short bio:
Jeff Macke is a founder and president of Macke Asset Management (MAM). He has been a professional investor for the last 10 years and ran a successful hedge fund from 1999-2004. Macke contributes to CNBC's "Fast Money" and is also the West Coast editor and a contributor to financial web site
Some blogs are reporting that he's been fired. An anonymous poster asked
Here are the facts kids, take them as you will.
Macke is a great person and a very decent trader.

Jeff, however, has a "problem". I don't know the cause or the extent but it's problem nonetheless and it's getting worse.

Some of you may remember Jeff "slipping" on his kids toy about a month ago and cutting his head.

You may also recall a few weeks ago the Jeff suffered "heat exhaustion" in Florida. That was odd because it wasn't hot in Florida at the time. I know I was there and saw the whole thing.

Then we have the famous clip of the "cars guys".

You see a pattern here?
Another blog, citing unnamed sources, said Macke planned all along to leave CNBC when his contract expired in June.
Our source denied previous reports that there were contract negotiations going on (stressful or otherwise). It was always his intent to leave when his contract expired in the middle of June, and it's possible he will appear on Fast Money at some point before then.
If Jeff has a "problem" then I hope he gets help for it. I enjoy his comments on Fast Money when I tune in to watch or listen.

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Since 12/31/98 "Kirk's Newsletter Explore Portfolio" is UP 104% (over a double!) vs. the S&P500 DOWN 16% vs. NASDAQ down 22% vs. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) up 33% (All through 4/30/09)

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1 comment:

  1. Jeff Macke will return on Monday.

    In "Dow Watch: Swimming With Sharks by Jeff Macke," Macke wrote:"All apologies to those offended by the absurd (and endless) bailout of General Motors (GM). If you’re delighted to pay for the better part of Detroit, I really can’t speak for or to you. You likely think I’m crazy, and I doubt you understand what’s unfolding before your very eyes. If you’re actually in favor of leapfrogging socialism straight into totalitarianism, let’s just agree not to talk to one another at all.

    Regardless, I haven’t been “kicked off” or “put on probation” from Fast Money. I plan on being there next Monday. That’s simply all I have to say on the matter.

    Even if it is a problem with adjusting medication, he's entertaining. My guess is he has so much going on that his thoughts sometimes get well ahead of his mouth and there is a disconnect when it happens. Heck, that has happened to me more than once and the only hope is you don't say something too offensive when it happens.


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