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Friday, June 12, 2009

30-Year U.S. Treasury Auction Results

Yesterday (Thursday June 11, 2009) the US Treasury department said it received bids totaling more than $29 billion for the $11 billion worth of 30-year notes sold. The bid-to-cover ratio, a gauge of demand, was 2.68, the highest since May 2008 and well above the average of 2.39 in the previous three 30-year reopening auctions according to Reuters.

30-Yr U.S. Treasury auction summary:
  • $29.6 billion Tendered
  • $11.1 billion Accepted
  • CUSIP Number 912810QB7
  • Series: Bonds of May 2039
  • Interest Rate 4-1/48%
  • High Yield: 4.72%
  • Median Yield: 4.684%
  • Low Yield: 4.599%
  • Issue Date: June 15, 2009
  • Maturity Date: May 15, 2039
For more details, see:

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