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Friday, June 05, 2009

New Product Names from GM, also know as "Government Motors"

I am starting a list of the new product names from GM, also known as "Government Motors."
  • GMC Ferdrali SUV (CNBC)
  • Chevy Bailout Wagon (CNBC)
  • Buick LaTaxpayer (CNBC)
  • Cadillac CPR Hybrid (CNBC)
  • Corvette TP7 (Me. C7 is next in series, so replace C for "Corvette" with TP for "Tax Payer" or "Toilet Paper" in honor of how the whole thing stinks.)
Please post your ideas in the comments section HERE.

Also, would it be fair for tax payers to offer tax incentives to buy GM cars since we will make more money with higher sales volume at Government Motors? If so, then Ford, Toyota and other companies without government ownership and taxpayer financed incentives will have a tough time competing.


  1. Hi Kirk (A friendly request for you):

    I am an investor and have seen your posting and comments about investment form time to time.

    It appears you have done quite well in your portfolios and have retired from full time work already. I admire your success.

    Not trying to be too intrusive. If you don't mind, I am just curious how have your personal porfolios grown over the years. I am the first one to be convinced if I can see some hard evidence of a person's success.

    So without disclosing your info such as your address (and even real name if Kirk is not.), your account numbers, etc., if you can post some redacted quarterly end summary of your holdings and balances for the past few years, then the readers can all see how successful you really are. Then readers like me would be more convinced that you're not just another ones of those ones (we all know who they are) out there who are claim to know what they are doing but actually don't.

    Again, this is nothing but a friendly request for verification before we invest in your newsletters. Please don't take it wrong way.


  2. Hi Jim.

    It is a good idea to seek verification before you spend money.

    If you are trying to determine if I am legit or a fraud, how would posting some numbers change anything? Bernard Madoff published exceptional return numbers and had the SEC look into him but they were not able to show they were a fraud despite being able to walk into his office and shake his hand. See Bernard L. Madoff Arrested for $50B Ponzi Scheme

    If I said my own core plus explore personal portfolio was up about 10% when I calculated it last week while the DOW was down a fraction, would that mean anything really useful?

    I could tell you my net worth, assets minus liabilities is up 72% since I "semi-retired" from HP in 1998 while the market overall is down, but would that help you decide if I was being truthful or lying to collect subscription fees? I am sure my net worth could be up much more if I worked harder to collect subscription fees or didn't spend so much money and time windsurfing but life is too short to not enjoy success rather than make success itself the goal.

    Perhaps you can read ""Taking the Bull by the horns: Local investor quintuples portfolio" online or in pdf with the picture of me windsurfing posted in the Los Altos newspaper here. Mary Beth still works for the Town Crier so you can call her and ask if she visited me in my 4b/2b Los Altos home on 1/4 acre during the day when most others are working to interview me for the story and see my home office. You can get an idea of what it costs to live here from the Los Altos MLS. I see a nice, new home on an acre of land is on sale in this depressed market for $2.95M.

    Even with all that, I could have won the lottery or impressed a rich "cougar" with my "dating skills" to afford what I have so a lot of it comes down to if does what I write make sense to you and does it seem "reasonable?" I can also give you the email address of a few of my long-time subscribers and people I've helped and let you talk to them directly, but you have to send your contact info to me so I can send it to them. Of course, make sure if you talk to them it is not Bernard Madoff making a few bucks from the prison phones to help me out.

    Have you ever wondered why Jim Cramer doesn't publish the returns by year for the subscription portfolio he touts on his Mad Money show like I do here? Cramer is not alone. Very few will publish their 10-year record by year for all to see since it is very, very hard to do better than the markets. The markets usually outperform the vast majority of investors so those selling advice rarely want to be compared to the market.

    I hope this answers your concern without adding too many new questions!


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