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Friday, June 05, 2009

New Product Names from GM, also know as "Government Motors"

I am starting a list of the new product names from GM, also known as "Government Motors."
  • GMC Ferdrali SUV (CNBC)
  • Chevy Bailout Wagon (CNBC)
  • Buick LaTaxpayer (CNBC)
  • Cadillac CPR Hybrid (CNBC)
  • Corvette TP7 (Me. C7 is next in series, so replace C for "Corvette" with TP for "Tax Payer" or "Toilet Paper" in honor of how the whole thing stinks.)
Please post your ideas in the comments section HERE.

Also, would it be fair for tax payers to offer tax incentives to buy GM cars since we will make more money with higher sales volume at Government Motors? If so, then Ford, Toyota and other companies without government ownership and taxpayer financed incentives will have a tough time competing.

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