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Saturday, December 05, 2009

2009 Returns - Market down 363 Points in Last Decade

What a great year for the markets! My explore portfolio is not only up 33% YTD but it is 19% higher than it was at the start of 2000 when the S&P500 closed 12/31/99 at 1,469.25. Who would have thought nearly ten years ago that the stock market, measured by the S&P500, would be down over 360 points?

From's weekly wrap:
Gold prices hit a record nominal high of $1226 per ounce, but ended the week at $1161 per ounce after plunging 4.6% on Friday as the dollar rallied following the better-than-expected jobs report.

IndexEnded WeekYTD %
S&P 5001105.9822.4
Russell 2000602.7920.7

Crude prices fell 0.5% on the week, coming under pressure following a bearish inventory reading.

As of Dec. 5, 2009, "Kirk's Newsletter Explore Portfolio" is up 33.0% YTD!!

Since 12/31/98 "Kirk's Newsletter Explore Portfolio" is UP 158% (a double plus another 58%!!) vs. the S&P500 UP at tiny 7.5% vs. NASDAQ UP at tiny 0.1% (All through 12/5/09)

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