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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jim Cramer says Hewlett Packard HPQ is a Buy

Some people are getting bullish again for Hewlett Packard (HPQ Charts and Quote).  I still hold all shares that I bought at lower prices in 2012.  (I bought twice under $15 with my own money and added it to my newsletter at $14.50)

At the bottom of this article is an excerpt from my January Newsletter about HP showing its valuation metrics.
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A little over a year ago I heard Jim Cramer on his show trash talk HP stock. It was one of the final straws on the Camel's back that convinced me it was time to buy again after more than a decade of selling.
I also bought my first ever shares for my newsletter portfolio with a buy under $15 and targets to add at a lower price. I probably wrote this article too soon as it didn't quite reach my next buy point before taking off
Yesterday I caught a bit of Cramer's show and he said HPQ was a buy:
"Hewlett-Packard has been going up quietly and slowly. Cramer would be a buyer rather than a seller."   
Cramer's Mad Money Recap - (1/15/14)
You gotta love it when someone changes direction on advice after a double.

HP looks terrible on valuation using growth since revenue and earnings are still falling, but it has a PE of only 7 so if Meg can steady the ship it could easily get a PE of 10 for a nice gain. Show some growth and it could double again for a PE of 14.

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HPQ Valuation Discussion from my Newsletter

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