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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Most Overpaid CEOs - Oracle's Larry Ellison is Second on the List

One HUGE reason I don't own Oracle is they over pay Larry Ellison, the founder and CEO. As a shareholder, I believe most of the stocks I own would do better if they lowered the CEO pay, gave restricted stock to CEOs and directors that they could not sell until 5 years AFTER the leave the company... etc... but they don't do this. The CEOs prefer the stocks to be VERY volatile so they load up on stock options when the price is down then unload them for huge gains when the price recovers. They are picking our pockets and shareholders need to find a way to stop it. Until they do, my methods of watching and buying low and taking profits when they cash out will continue to work well.

I posted the full article on my facebook group here.

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