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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lozano's Car Wash Coupons - 33% Inflation Over 2016

Here are the latest coupons for Lozano's Car in Mountain View CA. 

This coupon, found on the back of my Safeway receipt, is good through 12/31/17. 
 These higher priced coupons are good through January 31, 2018. Note that their blue "Tuesday Only" price is up $6 or 33.4% over last year at this time!

The various coupon prices are $2 higher than the mid 2017 price that expires in a few days.
This $2 jump matches the $2 per hour jump in Mountain View's minimum wage.

Note that inflation has soared for many reasons including the cost of ACA/Obamacare, soaring Mountain View minimum wages and the high cost of living here means businesses have to pay more to keep good workers.


Visit the Minimum Wage by 2018 page
 for more information

This car wash is located at the corner of Palo Alto, Los Altos and Mountain View California.

This coupon from last year at this time with an 10/31/16 expiration date is $17.99.  Thus $6 inflation in 12 months or $6/$19.99*100%=33.4% inflation!

It is hard to believe we could get our cars washed for $12.99 just four years ago.  I guess that explains why I wash my two autos myself more often than in the past! 

High inflation but still low CD rates

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