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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Top 100 Financial Advisors According to Barrons Survey

The April 20, 2009 cover story for Barron's Magazine lists the "Top 100 Financial Advisors." The cover story asks:
With stocks rebounding, the pros in our annual listing share their best ideas for 2009 and beyond. Who made the grade? Who is Number 1?

The 100 top advisors in our latest rankings are rethinking diversification - and finding smarter ways to hedge their bets.

Story begins on page 29.
The top 3 advisors are:
  1. Gregory Vaughn of Morgan Stanley up the road from me in Menlo Park, California with $11.8 billion in total team assets under management takes first place. Vaughn was #5 last year.

  2. J. Dorian McKelvey of Smith Barney, also up the road in Menlo Park, California, has $5 billion in assets under team management gets second place. McKelvey is new to the list this year.

  3. Ira Walker of UBS Financial Services in Red Bank, New Jersey with $5 billion in assets under team management gets third place. Walker is new to the list this year.
The ranking reflects the volume of assets under team management, the revenues generated for the firms from these assets and the quality of the advisors' practices.

The advisor with the most assets under management is Rich Hogan of Merrill Lynch in San Francisco, CA with $31 billion in assets under team management. Hogan was in 40th place and is new to the list this year.

If anyone has last year's list, I'd be interested to know if Bernard Madoff was on it.

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