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Monday, August 31, 2015

GeoGlobal News - GGLR is up 180% YTD

Geoglobal (GGLR): It is good to hear about a penny stock I trade getting some press after a 150% YTD gain. See below for a summary of the articles.  

As of today, GGLR is up 180% YTD.
Excerpt of what I wrote about GGLR in my last newsletter. Subscribe NOW and get the August 2015 Issue for FREE!!
Article Summary from Google Alerts Daily update ⋅ August 28, 2015
    GeoGlobal rises from the dead at Tarapur
    Petrowatch "Like a corpse rising from the dead, troubled Canadian explorer GeoGlobal Resources is alive and kicking - cashing in on production from ..."
    • You have to pay to read the article.   
    • I'd rather not pay $130 to read 30 articles only to find all they say is the stock is up 150% YTD and don't have any news beyond the press releases you can read for free here.
    GGLR n/a Stock Charts $GGLR GeoGlobal
    Just some charts with no commentary
    • Investors Hangout
    • 2015 Trending Stocks Message Board: GGLR n/a Stock Charts $GGLR GeoGlobal Resources Inc. (OTC) Last Updated: 08/27/2015 14:51:51.
    More GGLR charts here.

    GGLR Disclosure & Warning:


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