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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Los Altos Home Prices - Real Estate Gained Double Digits Again in 2015.

2015 Los Altos Home Price Summary

Median home prices in Los Altos gained another 15.7% in 2015 while the average home jumped 13.4%.

My calculations for the change from 2014 to 2015:
  • Median price went up 15.7% from $2,370,000 to $2,741,00
  • Average price went up 13.4% from $2,594,807 to $2,943,503

I recommend a "core" portfolio for about 80 to 95% of your funds and an "explore" portfolio made of stocks from my newsletter "explore portfolio" for the remainder.  My newsletter stocks are volatile by design to add to overall returns, but you need a good core portfolio to sleep well at night. I offer several different core portfolios for both aggressive & conservative investors.  

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Below is a summary of data I got in the mail from Los Altos realtor David Troyer. Contact

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