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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rick Santelli Takes Down Jim Cramer

I was glad to see CNBC let some of the others call Jim Cramer out for being as wrong as anyone about the market. Watch this amazing video

What I find amazing that Cramer LIES about what he has been saying on his show.

Key Timepoints on the video and Jim Cramer Quotes of note:

1:35: January 22, 2008:

"You outta watch my show. I've been calling a bear market and saying things are incredibly dangerous."
1:30: Oct 31, 2007:

"You should be buying things and accept that they are over valued and accept that they will keep going higher. "
4:09: S&P500 = 1546.97 & 4:22: DJIA 14,095:

"I upgraded. Everyone else is doing a summer downgrade. I will not upgrade my targets until they are taken out... One thing bears hate to hear.... this is a REMARKABLE TIME."
4:09: 9/19/07
  • "We are not done going higher."
  • "We are on the road to DOW 14,500"
  • "Now the Fed is on the team. They are with the good guys."
    "You know I have liked the market all year."
  • "The time to be worried has come and gone."
  • "Ladies and gentleman, the bull is back."
Is Jim Cramer too lost in his own spin to remember the internet has You Tube videos of his shows?

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