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Monday, July 28, 2008

CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge Results

CNBC announced the overall winner of their "Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge" today. Edward Burke of Shippensburg, PA is the $500,000 Grand Prize winner!

Congratulations Ed!

This is how my 5 portfolios fared:

NameTotal Value*Gain/Loss, Overall
Newsletter Explore 1$1,505,106.14505,106 (+50.5%)
Newsletter Explore 2$1,541,633.08541,633 (+54.2%)
Newsletter Explore 3$1,581,312.32581,312 (+58.1%)
Core Conservative 1$1,584,879.41584,879 (+58.5%)
Momentum Stocks $1,572,000.00572,000 (+57.2%)

* Value as of 7/18/08 at 4pm EST.

Unfortunately, CNBC does now show how my portfolios ranked but I believe all five were in the top 1%.

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