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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Los Altos Home Prices for May 2014

This article shows:
  • Los Altos Single-Family Home Prices Sales List for May 2014
  • Los Altos Average Single-Family Home Prices
  • Los Altos Average Prices for Condos & Townhomes
  • The three portfolios in Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter are again at record all time highs. Subscribe today and get the June 2014 Issue for FREE!

Located between Apple, Google, Facebook and Tesla and just a short drive to Stanford University, Los Altos is central to many of today's growing companies that turned founders and employees into recent millionaires.  With some of the top schools in the country, Los Altos is a prime target for young tech titans looking to diversify their stock holdings and settle down to raise a family or just live in a town with a low crime rate.

The average single-family home price for a home in Los Altos as of May 2014 is $2,541,631

The average price for condos & townhomes in Los Altos as of May 2014 is $1,190,941 

Is this the top of another bubble or have towns with good schools and large lots in the Silicon Valley joined the ranks of world class locations like London, New York, Paris, etc. as places people want to live and those with money will keep the prices going up?

The three portfolios in Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter are again at record all time highs.  
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